Welcome Aboard Kamra and Luke – and Get Ready For A Big Benchmark Tomorrow!


3-3-3 Back squat
– THEN –
4 Rounds:
6 Alternating split snatch (115/75#)
10 C2B Pull up
20 Lateral bar hop
*14 minute time cap

Post results to comments.

Great looking group in for a Saturday workout last month!

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially added two new members to our staff at Industrious – Kamra and Luke! Kamra will be playing an Assistant role with our Kiddos program, and Luke will be a CrossFit Coach! These two have both done a fantastic job throughout their internships and we couldn’t be more excited to officially be bringing them on! Congratulations Kamra and Luke, and welcome to the team!


If you weren’t already planning on coming to the gym tomorrow, you should definitely plan to now! We will be doing the classic CrossFit benchmark “Filthy Fifty!” This is a LONG workout, with 50 reps at 10 different movements, and we haven’t tested this benchmark in OVER 2 YEARS (and probably won’t be testing it again for a while!) If you are interested in getting this benchmark in the books, make sure you come to class in the morning!

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