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1) What (who) brought you to Industrious?

Kasey: My company (Valley Electric) paid for any employee that was interested to participate in the Spartan Super in April, 2016. I did it without any particular training to prepare and had a ton of fun, but felt like I would probably never move without pain again for the next couple of weeks. Valley then offered to sponsor both employees AND spouses for the next “local” (Washougal, WA) Spartan Sprint in August, 2016. Samantha told me she would only do it if we did CrossFit to train. She had tried another local CF gym a few months prior, but was not impressed and didn’t continue. Since Industrious is only ~6-blocks from home, we decided to give it a shot in June, 2016… needless to say, we were quickly “hooked” on both Industrious and CrossFit.

2) What is the most significant change – physically, mentally, socially, etc. – you have experienced since you have been here? 

Kasey: I’d say that I’m in the best shape of my life, save maybe my last month-and-a-half of Navy Officer Candidate School when I was 22. I’ve regularly worked out for the last 24 years, and CF is easily the most effective exercise regimen that I’ve done. My 1st Spartan race (pre-Industrious) was ~10 miles and took me 3-hours, 2-minutes to finish with multiple physical obstacle failures (still haven’t landed a spear throw). My last Spartan race, after about 5-months of training at Industrious, was ~13 miles and took about 20 minutes longer than the 10 mile race with I think just one physical obstacle failure.  Also, now I own about 25 pieces of Industrious gear.

Samantha: I’d have to say all of the above.  There are so many great friendships and relationships that have been built at the gym that I’m so grateful for.  After losing my sister (my only sibling) in 2015, it was so great to be welcomed into such a wonderful group of people.  And, of course, I have grown physically and mentally. They go hand in hand.  I’ve realized that so much of working out, heavy lifting, what have you, it can come down to just a mental game of just believing you can do it.

3)  What is your favorite thing about Industrious? 

Easy: The community. We’ve met some of our best friends at Industrious.  Everyone is so positive and welcoming. Every workout feels like a team-building event (in a non-cheesy way J). We’re both always really impressed with how well the coaches balance their knowledgeable instruction with being so personable; they all feel like friends, even when they’re telling you that you’re doing everything wrong J. We honestly weren’t planning to continue with CF or Industrious beyond the Spartan race for which we were training, but here we are, 2 years later…

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

Kasey: I got my 1st Bar-Muscle-Ups on May 4th of this year (May the 4th be with you!), which was one of my major goals after starting CF and was the 1st time that I rang the PR bell.  My other major goal is Ring-Muscle-Ups; unfortunately, I don’t feel like I am very close on those…

Samantha: Whelp, there’s a long list… handstand walks, handstand push-ups, bar muscle ups would be nice; to not feel like I’m dying when there’s wall balls and burpees in one WOD, unassisted ring dips, squat more, snatch more, jerk more…

5) Share one thing we do NOT know about you!  

Kasey: I spent a full year of days at sea, as a Submarine Officer on USS MAINE (SSBN 741, Gold Crew) between 2005 and 2007 without pulling in to a single port that was not our homeport (Kings Bay, GA and Bangor, WA).

Samantha: I proposed to Kasey by hiring a plane to fly above the UW tailgate during Apple Cup with a “Will you marry me, Kasey?” banner. (Kasey: She also had Purple/Gold Shirts that said “Will you marry me?” and “Yes”… I was kind of locked in to an answer because she only had the one shirt for me.

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