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1) What (who) brought you to Industrious?

I started with Industrious the first day they offered class on the Premera lawn.  I had some friends that enjoyed CrossFit and always thought it would be something that would be fun to try.  After the first class I was hooked.

2) What is the most significant change you have experienced since you have been here? 

I think Industrious has changed the social aspect of how I work out. I am a runner and triathlete so working out and races are usually an individual event.  I really like the team atmosphere and comradery that the gym and CrossFit have provided.  Having a coach or friend to work out with makes me work harder and makes me not want to miss any sessions.  It’s also nice to network/socialize/workout with co-workers.

3)  What is your favorite thing about Industrious? 

I really like the inclusive and supportive atmosphere that the coaches bring to Industrious.  It seems like everyone no matter their skill or fitness level is treated as an equal, welcomed, and supported.  It feels like this atmosphere brings the best out of people.

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

I like to do at least one half marathon and one triathlon each year.  I’ve already finished the half marathon piece so I need to get working on my swimming and biking and sign up for a triathlon for later this summer.

5) Share one thing we do NOT  know about you!  

I am super competitive and want to finish first in every workout.

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