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Industrious 15 Minutes of Fame: Meet Raymond!

1) What (who) brought you to Industrious? 

The Industrious designed on-site campus workout at  Premera!  After a few days of watching and wondering if I could, I finally stepped onto the lawn at Premera and have not looked back  – unless I need to look at the whiteboard to remind me of reps.  I now encourage anyone and everyone to try it out and for those that do take that first step, to encourage them to return!

2) What is the most significant change you have experienced since you have been here? 

Through ‘Outside Industrious’, I have done so many things I have always wanted to experience.  Snowshoe up a mountain trail, jump into a cold mountain lake, even volunteered with the Washington Trail Association building a turnpike!  Great to be part of the amazing Industrious community in the outdoors!

3)  What is your favorite thing about Industrious? 

Being challenged each and every workout guided by amazing coaches in a VERY fun and positive environment.  An environment that allows you to connect with other Premera employees outside of the normal business context.  It is a chance to build an uplifting and supportive rapport with others while on a this fitness journey!  Lastly, the onsite program builds a healthy and closer community within Premera – especially when you completed the workout with the CEO, giving each other encouraging high fives, fist bumps and hard earned smiles at the conclusion! Two claps and a Ric Flair!!!

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

Continue on my journey for physical and mental fitness – all the while enjoying the moment and having fun with many others. Oh and pull ups!

5) Share one thing we do NOT know about you!  

I have eight ukuleles. 1 Soprano, 2 Concerts, 3 Tenors, 1 Baritone and 1 Ukulele Bass.

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