PC: April Yentas Photography

1) What (who) brought you to Industrious?

I had seen Industrious driving by on many occasions, and wanted to drop in. When I closed my gym and was ready to shop around for a new a new place to call home, my wife told me to check it out.  So I called and spoke to Katherine.  Once I walked in the door, I just knew this was home!

2) What is the most significant change you have experienced since you have been here? 

Being able to chase my fitness. After I tore some hip muscles and stopped squatting, I was pretty mentally broke for working out.  Being here has gotten my mind back to where I re-learned to “Embrace the suck”.  Now I’m squatting and pushing myself in many different ways than I thought I would.

3)  What is your favorite thing about Industrious?  

The atmosphere! As soon as you park your car, you can feel it. When you walk through the door, it’s like “BLAM!”  CFI has hit the mark in keeping CROSSFIT’s original “Box” feeling. The coaches, by way of Molly and Steve-O make this fun and gives it the family feel that makes you want to just hang out here. Truly top notch!

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

My goal this year is to have a double bodyweight squat and hit a 200lb snatch. I aspire to be better at my fitness and be better as a person through my fitness.

5) Share one thing we do NOT know about you!

It may sound weird due to my job and personality but, I have a fear of talking to people or public speaking.  Crazy right!?  It’s been my fear as a kid. I hate for my fears or something/someone tell me that I can do something or scared to do something. So since I was about 10, I made myself face that fear and to never let it control me.  That’s why I am such a talkative and out going person. I figured out at a young age that your personal fears will stop you from experiencing what life has to offer.

Thanks for the time and opportunity to share myself to the #WORKHARDLIVEFIT family!