Industrious 15 Minutes of Fame: Meet Anne Marie!

1) What (who) brought you to Industrious?

Jason and I were looking to break out of our fitness routines at a globo-gym. After spending previous years training for marathons, triathlons, and long distance cycling, I needed a break from the long durations, weather (I was out in the rain a lot!), chlorine smell, and repetitive movements. Jason did a YELP search and settled on comparing 2 CrossFit boxes close to home. We signed up for Industrious’ On-Ramp classes in May 2014, learned the foundational movements from Stephen, and the rest is history! We were really impressed with Stephen’s sincerity, business-sense, knowledge, coaching skills, and enthusiasm. CrossFit provided the full body workout I was always looking for but could never attain in any of my previous fitness endeavors. It was challenging and compact (near death in less than an hour – yay!). I loved it! Additionally, the gym and equipment were well maintained and there was a lot of order even with members constantly milling in and out.

2) What is the most significant change you have experienced since you have been here? 

Socially — An introvert by nature, I’m most comfortable blending in with Industrious’ equipment during WODs. I’ve grown to be a little more conversational and outgoing since my initial membership. How can you not? Every day in the Industrious community is a high five day where everyone is your friend just like Sesame Street.

Physically — CrossFit movements did not come naturally to me. My progress was slow and steady rather than what I hoped would be exceptionally exponential. I did not know how to work barbells, throw heavy objects over my shoulder and above my head, or do a decent squat below parallel. I couldn’t even do a cartwheel to save my life. My weightlifting and weight-bearing movements have improved…my early goals were to get myself out of using change plates to squatting/deadlifting green, then yellow, and then at least my body weight. I’ve done that and then some. I’m fitter, more agile, healthier, and stronger than when I first started. I keep all my CF metrics in an excel spreadsheet for Fikowski-like analysis. All my numbers, though small, are consistently moving in a positive direction. Bonus: I’ve leaned out some and have more muscle tone just by showing up consistently!

Mentally — I’m a Microbiologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I’ve managed the Center for Cystic Fibrosis Microbiology and Molecular Microbiology for 10 years. As with all who are passionate about helping to provide better tomorrows for children, there is a lot of work and stress. Industrious has improved my work-life balance and overall quality of life. The positivity from the top down (Stephen/Molly, coaches, and members) is infectious.

3)  What is your favorite thing about Industrious? 

There are many, but here’s my short list.

  • I’m very impressed by the professionalism of the coaching team and their passion for the sport of CF. This is really top-down. Stephen and Molly set the standard for excellence. There is not a day where the Industrious Team does not have a smile on their face. They always say hi/goodbye and never forget your name. I admire their work ethic – tirelessly working behind the scenes to provide great events (Open, Weightlifting Competitions, Off-site fitness classes).
  • I love the company and diversity of the Industrious community. Everyone is always so encouraging and supportive.
  • I appreciate that all the WODs are inclusive and scalable. No matter my scaled weight or my neighbor’s RX weight, our level of perceived exertion at the end of WOD is the same. I’m clutching my chest in fetal position just like everyone else.

What can I say? Industrious is the complete package. There are many resources available to help you achieve the best version of yourself – excellent programming (Molly), a robust weightlifting program, expert coaching staff (Stephen), seasonal Lifestyle Challenges (Coach Barry), and harmony of mind and body (CFI Yoga Team). I’m very comfortable sticking with the quality and excellence of Industrious rather than finding mediocrity elsewhere….

4) What are your goals or aspirations for this year?

I did the Open (scaled) for the first time this year and could not do a chin over bar pull up in Workout 18.3. I’d like to change that this year and maybe attempt a couple toe-to-bars. With a nagging tennis elbow issue, my immediate goal is to maintain proper form and symmetry in all my CF movements. Otherwise, I’ll continue learning how to dance with that bar in order to improve the number of reps and cycle time between rounds for WBs/thrusters/burpees. And I’ll continue working on my mental toughness…lack of oxygen is just a mindset I’m told.

5) Share one thing we do NOT know about you!  

I am an island girl. I grew up on Saipan where the emerald green hills of tropic jungle touch the white sand beaches and the blue turquoise waters meet the blue sky beyond the reef. It is the second-largest island in the Mariana Island archipelago. A U.S. territory in the Western Pacific, it is only 12 miles long by 6 miles wide! If you are a history buff, shortly after D-Day in Europe, Saipan played a key role in deciding World War II in the Pacific.