3-3-3-3-3 Deadlift
– THEN –
AMRAP 8 minutes:
4 Hang power clean (155/105#)
8 Pistol
– REST 3 MIN –
EMOM 5 minutes:
6/4 Strict pull up

Push press 5-5-5-5-5

AMRAP 20 minutes:
8 10m Sprint
12 Ring row
12 DB Curl + press
12 DB Front squat 
20 Plank shoulder taps


1) What or who motivated you to “come out to the lawn” and try the Premera sponsored Industrious classes and what surprised you the most about your experience? 

I was motivated to come out to the lawn after watching a few co-workers come back from their workout feeling tired but happy. Even though everyone was tired and sweaty when they came back, they still had a glow and smile on their face they didn’t usually have. Thank you Trudy

I was most surprised that the coaches were so supportive and would modify exercises for me and my physical limitations. Their support was so positive and encouraging that you didn’t feel bad about not being an athlete right out of the gate.

2) What previous ideas or concerns did you have and how have those changed and what changed them? 

I was afraid I couldn’t do the exercises because of my weight, age and physical limitations. My mindset has changed because of the coaches and my successes. Because we went slowly I was able to work on my form and I’ve never been injured. I really credit the coaches for making sure that I pushed myself a little more each workout but didn’t overdo it to the point of injury.

3) Tell us about what you were doing (even if nothing at all) prior to joining the classes, to stay active and exercise. What are you continuing to do and how has your fitness improved? 

Prior to joining our classes on the lawn I was not doing any type of exercise. I would walk my dog on occasion but that wasn’t even regularly. Since I started working out with Industrious I have started bike riding with my friends, hiking, walking for exercise, taking my dog to do the stairs at the mall parking garage and I now take classes at Industrious at least 3-4 times a week. I feel like I have much more physical and mental energy and I now enjoy being active. I’m even considering adding kayaking with my dog to our list of activities.

4) What are your goals this year in regard to your fitness and why are those important? 

My goals continue to change as my fitness level grows. When I first started working out on the lawn my goal was to just go to the Tuesday and Thursday classes. Then I joined Industrious and my goal was to take 3 classes a week. After a few months my goal is to now take a class five times a week. Last summer I would not do an evening bike ride on a workout day, I have now committed to riding with my friends even on those days. I want to continue to push myself and I love how I feel and I want to set a good example for my family.

5) What would you say to anyone considering joining a class whether at the gym or on the lawn this year but may be apprehensive? 

I would encourage them to come out and join us. Everyone from the coaches to the other participants, are supportive and encouraging and want to see each other succeed. Don’t worry about what you think you can’t do, every exercise can be modified. The coaches are there to help you succeed and we all support each other.

My daughter joined me at Industrious recently and commented that it’s not like other gyms. She was very impressed with the friendliness and support she saw.