Habitat Restoration Event Yesterday was a HUGE Success!

A small but mighty group of Industrious athletes got together yesterday and put some strong manpower into helping improve our local environment! Jake, Pam, Coach Shelby, Megan, Cassie, Drew and Mark volunteered down at Discovery Park in Seattle to help with all aspects of habitat restoration. A big thanks to Coach Shelby and Megan for organizing the volunteer opportunity, and to everyone who took the time and spent their Sunday doing something awesome for the environment!

Every 3 minutes for 15 minutes (for 6 total sets):
3 Front squats
*Build to as heavy as possible on the Front Squat. Start at 60% 1RM.
– THEN –
4 Rounds:
5 Squat cleans (75% 1RM Clean and Jerk)
Run 80m
12 Chest to bar pull ups
*12 minute time cap

What a great looking group!

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