Daily Workout

Today is the big day! The Fran for Food Drive will start at 8:30 this morning and run until everyone gets a chance to go through “Fran.” Remember that EVERYONE is welcome, including family and friends, and while the workout is optional we ask that everyone brings a few items to donate to our local food bank. If you are looking for some last minute ideas for what to bring here are some good ones:

– Canned or dried soups
– Meat and vegetable broths
– Tomato sauce/ketchup/mustard
– Canned fruit
– Meal helpers
– Canned meat/tuna
– Peanut butter/jam
– Canned vegetables
– Baby food
– Diapers
– Toilet paper
– Paper towels
– Hand soap
– Lotion
– Shampoo
– Toothpaste
Thrusters (95/65#)
Pull ups

We already have a pretty good amount of food we’ve collected throughout the week – can’t wait to see how much more we get this morning!!!

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