Daily Workout

10-10-10 1-legged Deadlift
10-10-10 Pendlay row
10-10-10 DB Push press
– THEN –
9 Bar muscle up
200m Run
12 Clean & jerk (185/125#)
200m Run
15 Squat snatch (185/125#)
200m Run
12 Clean & jerk (185/125#)
200m Run
9 Bar muscle up
*20 minute time cap

Push press 5-5-5-5-5

AMRAP 20 minutes:
20 Sit up
15 DB Thruster
10 DB Curl + press

Work Hard. Live Fit. Give Back!

Every year there are hundreds of kids that go back to school unprepared and at a learning disadvantage. Due to family financial constraints, many kids start off the school year without a backpack and the proper school supplies to succeed. Without basic school supplies, these kids have a difficult time obtaining the education they need and deserve!

Industrious wants to help as many of these kids as possible, and we want to help them hit the ground running! Through August 25th, we will be collecting backpacks with school supplies and then getting those backpacks to kids in need!

Here’s how you can help in 3 easy steps!

  1. Purchase a backpack
  2. Fill the backpack with school supplies
  3. Drop the backpack off at Industrious!

Our goal is to donate 50 backpacks to kids in need! Please help us achieve our goal that will put a smile on their face and a backpack with all they’ll need to succeed on their back!

Thank you!

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