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Program & Class Descriptions

CrossFit’s definition of fitness is “Work capacity across broad time and modal domains”. At Industrious, we translate that into simply: being able to do what you want or need, when you want or need to do it.

We have learned through our experience and by the results proven at the CrossFit Games that the fitness sculpted by a hybrid program of strength/skill development and CrossFit programming leads to a level of human performance and aesthetic that is simply unrivaled.

This program is super fun, requires hard work and the fruit of the labor is that you will live your life in the fullest and fittest capacity possible.

This class consists of a quick warm up, up to 25 minutes of Barbell Strength Development and Skill work, followed by up to 25 minutes of a CrossFit workout.

Come in and Work Hard. Live Fit.

This is a short, 30-minute class that will teach basic barbell movements: Back squat, Front squat, Deadlift, Sumo deadlift, Press, Push press, and Push jerk. This is essentially the first half of our old “CF Basics” class, but is its own stand-alone class for folks that just want to spend 30 minutes on the barbell!

This is a re-name of our old “Bootcamp” class – 30 minutes of basic, bodyweight conditioning! This is a great way to learn the basics, and get a great sweaty workout done in a short 30 minute class!

Our Weightlifting Club program provides a comprehensive, stand-alone training program for those who want to focus more specifically on these two movements in their training.

Athletes will receive focused and individualized programming.

CrossFit Kids is a strength & conditioning program specifically designed for kids & teens and helps them develop a lifelong love of fitness. Kids participate in fun and engaging workouts that promote a healthy lifestyle and deliver measurable results to prepare them to be well-rounded athletes. This means no two workouts are ever exactly the same, so kids & teens won’t get bored as each workout keeps them excited about participating!
CrossFit helps improve body awareness, coordination, balance, (especially in younger kids) and gives them more confidence in functional movement foundations to play as they normally would: to jump, swing, push, climb, run, and lift on the T-ball field, the basketball court, on the playground, etc.

When “fitness” is described as broad, inclusive, and general it means that participants will become well-rounded athletes who will be better at any and every sport that they play because CrossFit Kids doesn’t coach them to be good at just one thing. All workouts will increase physical competence in 10 domains: Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. All of the movements are taught safely & effectively under the supervision of our coaches, who are trained and caring individuals with many years of experience with kids.

Exercise and neurological development are closely related – by keeping our kids active while having fun in a supportive environment, our CrossFit Kids coaches help promote and support good nutrition, positive and consistent work ethic and respectful behavior.

“Rookies” Mon & Wed 4:30-5:00pm $145 per session

“Rising Stars” Mon & Wed 4:00-5:00 $175 per session

Rookie: has minimally, or has never, participated in a team sport or organized physical activity (think Little Gym / gymnastics class, etc).  May struggle standing still for longer than 5 minutes and may lose focus or need help staying on task!  Rookies class is fantastic for elementary age kids on the spectrum – physical activity helps promote neurological stimulation which increases coordination, attitude, and confidence!

Minimum age: 3
Maximum age: 8

Rising Star: has possibly participated in an organized sport or physical activity class, but absolutely not required.  Is able to listen, follow directions and stay focused for 10 minutes or more at a time.  Needs to be comfortable and familiar with respecting others’ personal space and keeping “hands to self”.  Rising Stars class is scalable and perfect for any kiddo at LEAST 6 years of age or older.  Eligibility for the Rising Stars class is completely at the Head Coach’s discretion.

Minimum age: 6
Maximum age: 13

If unsure where your kiddo should start, please email

Wrap up your weekend with this all levels Restorative Yoga class. This practice is designed to restore the nervous system and release deeply held tension. Gently stretching and strengthening the body, the class will move through a slow, grounding 45 minute flow. Be prepared to receive nurturing hands on assists and essential oils that will encourage restoration and awareness.

FREE for Industrious Members. Visitors are welcome to join at our Drop-In rate.

Team Work Hard Live Fit Training sessions are designed for athletes that are interested in competing on our team for the CrossFit Games Season, starting with the CrossFit Open. These sessions are open to ANYONE, but athletes should be able to complete Open and Regionals workouts as prescribed. Programming is written specifically for the athletes registered for the session, so you MUST sign up 48 hours in advance!

The Industrious EAT SMART PROGRAM is an individualized approach to help our athletes reach their goals! Athletes work with Coach Barry, our in-house nutrition coach, to come up with a meal plan that works for them to help them reach their goals!

The nutrition protocols are built upon diet fundamentals like energy and macronutrient balance. Every person in the Eat Smart program gets a completely customized, individual nutrition plan based on foods you eat, foods you love with enough variety to not get bored.

The Eat Smart program will tell you what to eat, when to eat it and includes all your target macros. The flexible yet structured approach will teach you how to eat for your body and your goals – if you’ve ever struggled with eating on the weekend, handling vacations, emotional eating or dealing with special events…you will learn how to have fun, enjoy foods, and overcome limiting habits.

Open Gym will be a time when you can come in to make up a workout you missed, do your own workout, do mobility, etc. There will be no formal coaching during these hours – you are on your own! As long as it is respectful of the equipment and other athletes in the gym, and safe, pretty much anything goes!